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Opening 17 November

D Contemporary is pleased to present ‘The Butterfly Effect’, a group exhibition featuring three emerging UK-based female painters Laura Holmes, Martha Lamont, and Lydia Makin.

In reference to The Butterfly Effect, the exhibition explores concepts of self-transformation through the combination of abstract art and chaos. Symbolizing the dynamic of the collaborative creative process in people and communities, gestures work as powerful cultivators and catalysts for nonlinear effects and self-transformations.

The small collaborative creative action that may appear to be the minimal contribution to the creative process can lead to unexpected or larger effects when transformation takes place. It is through the use of this analogy that practitioners, interdisciplinary teams, policymakers, and community members can gain a deeper understanding of planning and reflection by utilizing the butterfly effect.


In order to unravel her relationship with painting, Laura Holmes immerses herself in paint, exploring one way or another new way to probe it. There is a compulsion resulting from the seductive quality of painting and an addiction that is managed by the rules, and rituals in her practice that keep her in control. Accordingly, Lydia Makin experiences painting as a literal extension of her physical being. Through a birth and rebirth diptych, she responds to moments of discovery as they arise on the canvas. Through autobiography, Martha Lamont uses the self as a reference mentally and often, physically. Her fantastical worlds are imagined and metaphorical, often resulting in compositions that are idiosyncratic, symbolising the strange, contradictory nature of the mind.

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