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Fissured Realms | Jennifer Nieuwland |  Tug (II) | 2022


14 June – 2 July

Amanda Seibaek | Bruno Diaz | Purdey Williams | Rowan Bazley | Ruby Kuye-Kline 

In Collaboration with:

The Changing Room Gallery

D Contemporary is pleased to present ‘Unbaked Bread’, a group exhibition in collaboration with Changing Room Gallery. The exhibition brings together a group of five artists who met in Glasgow school of Art presenting artworks that examine the human figure and its manifestations in the uncertainty of today’s world.


A group show including paintings, drawings and prints showcasing intuitive approaches to mark-making. After three years working alongside one another, the artists have created a language that investigates space and the meaning of the figure as a way to navigate ourselves in today’s uncertainty. Amanda Seibaek uses weather and pathetic fallacy to root her paintings. Purdey Williams is a romantic storyteller who collages historical painting with references to literature and the memory of landscape. Bruno Diaz derails preconceived notions of the cartoon with his expressive and deeply felt paintings. Ruby Kuye-Kline works across multiple disciplines to form a shadow world, filled with charmed interrogations which her whimsical, fictitious characters bring to life. Rowan Bazley seems to question everything in his provisional paintings. His work holds an energy which could almost destroy itself.


‘We have come to understand ourselves through how our practices relate to one another, as portals for thinking about issues and ideas beyond ourselves.’


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