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Opening 19 January 6-8 PM

Daniel Roibal, Katherine Qiyu Su, Rebecca Gilpin.

Contemporary is excited to present 'The Butterfly Effect, Vol II,' a follow-up to our year-end project highlighting emerging abstract painters from the UK: Daniel Roibal, Katherine Qiyu Su, and Rebecca Gilpin.

'The Butterfly Effect' delves into the idea that nature is always in flux, marked by its unpredictability and spontaneity, beyond human control. Similarly, the artists delve into the realms of self-transformation, blending abstract art with chaos. They embody the inherent dynamics within collaborative creative processes, both at an individual and community level, where gestures act as powerful cultivators and catalysts, igniting nonlinear effects and self-transformations.

Infusing dialogues and dreams with universal consciousness, bodies, and gestures undergo deconstruction guided by distinct emotions, resulting in the creation of a whirlwind of motifs. Seemingly modest collaborative creative actions, which might appear as minimal contributions to the creative process, can lead to unexpected or more significant effects during transformations. Through this analogy, practitioners, interdisciplinary teams, policymakers, and community members can gain a profound understanding of planning and reflection by harnessing the butterfly effect.
Katherine Qiyu Su explores the shadowy borderland between truth and memory, authorship, and identity within the realm of painting. Aiming to scrutinize how memories are retained, how they lose their form, and how they can be manipulated her bold colorful forms recount events and embody emotions transformed into tangible existence.

With gestures crafted through contemplation, Daniel Roibal's paintings encapsulate a true communion with nature. These time paintings represent a sincere effort to shed preconceived notions and expectations, inviting individuals to immerse themselves in the sheer beauty and wonder that envelops our surroundings. Roibal actively strives to construct spaces and environments that foster a state of mindfulness, encouraging viewers to delve into self-reflection and cultivate a heightened awareness and appreciation for the natural world.

Rebecca Gilpin's abstract and repetitive style finds its roots in her childhood experiences in India. Employing a contrasting approach, her paintings become a form of autobiography, reflecting her journey to understand the world. Throughout her artistic expression, she conveys the notion of interconnectedness while embracing the element of chance. Gilpin adeptly merges and references diverse ideas and concepts from the rich history of painting. To date, her paintings have primarily been titled after song titles or lyrics, introducing an additional layer of connection and expression to her artistic journey.


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