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D Contemporary in collaboration with ARTCOLLECTORNEWS, is pleased to announce ‘Vices', Mister Papercut's first solo London exhibition curated by Jonathan Fakinos.
Celebrated as a top street artist and contemporary artist to watch, Mister Papercut brings us his latest body of work focusing on darker aspects of human nature, attempting to portray humanity in its rawest state, drawing us to where the meaning of individual symbols collapses into narratives that reflect the status quo or abstracted allowing the viewer to create their own narrative. Through their repeated symbolism of vices, the artworks are mirrors of society. By revealing hidden desires, choices, and habits beyond our control offering a powerful commentary on the human experience prompting viewers to reflect on the line between vices and virtues.

‘Cutting & sticking their way through the layers of life’, Mister Papercut's collages are the simplification and exaggeration of the human form. By distilling the human figure into its essential elements, they strip away the intricacies and complexities often associated with it. Manipulating and rearranging cut-outs, the artist creates visual narratives that portray various emotional conditions and situations, offering a platform for contemplation and introspection. Despite its whimsical and playful nature, Mister Papercut's art serves as a disguise, drawing viewers in with its charm and light-heartedness.

In the artist's work, the use of a faceless person as a simplified representation of the human form serves as a powerful symbol of anonymity and universality. By removing specific, ethnic, or physical characteristics, the artist creates a tabula rasa character, a panopticon overlooking symbols of debauchery, violence, and social decay. The work represents a higher vantage point, shedding light on the darker corners of our collective existence while we are confronted with imagery that serves as a catalyst for introspection and encourages us to grapple with the complexities of our choices and their impact on ourselves and society at large.

Mister Papercut’s Street art has appeared across the USA and a range of countries in Europe, and his gallery work has been exhibited in Miami, New York, Taiwan & Australia, as well as participating in art fairs during Art Basel Miami.

‘Vices’ is brought to D Contemporary by ARTCOLLECTORNEWS, an art platform and magazine catered to art collectors. With a focus on top emerging, mid-career, and established contemporary artists, the platform shines a spotlight on artists, through interviews, articles as well as curated art exhibitions.

In addition to its informational resources, the platform also offers an advisory and art dealing service; ARTCOLLECTORS INC that provides guidance and expertise to collectors, helping them navigate the art world, and assisting them in selecting artworks that align with their preferences and investment goals. ARTCOLLECTORS INC. specializes in sourcing and selling original artworks from top contemporary artists and modern and old masters.

Under the guidance of Jonathan Fakinos, the founder and director, the platform provides a comprehensive tool for art collectors, offering them access to valuable information, curated exhibitions, and personalized advisory services to enhance their collecting experience.

Jonathan Fakinos's international experience is indicative of his broad perspective and global approach to the art world. Having curated exhibitions and participated in art fairs in various locations such as Ibiza and Madrid in Spain, Los Angeles, Miami, Palm Beach, and New York in the United States, Dubai in the UAE, and London in the UK, he has developed a network and understanding of the diverse art scenes worldwide.

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