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Opening 22 December

D Contemporary is delighted to announce the exhibition 'Heart Ablaze,' curated by Olena Maximov, showcasing the works of four Ukrainian artists. This exhibition seeks to present Ukraine beyond the confines of war, acknowledging its pervasive influence across various facets of life. Rather than exclusively focusing on the narrative of conflict, the curator endeavors to underscore the resilience and creative spirit of young contemporary artists. Despite the challenges they confront, these artists persist in maintaining their enthusiasm for life and artistic expression.

Integrating works under a unifying thematic framework or through a deliberate interplay of contrasts, the artists collectively present a spectrum of diverse interests, maintaining, however, a cohesive integrity tethered to the overarching conceptual nucleus.

The exhibition revolves around the statement: ‘Art lightness the heart and awakens thought’. This manifests within each showcased artist a pulsating Heart Ablaze. The collective body of artworks, in concert, engenders a profound and poetic ambiance. Within each creation resides an imprint of contemporary existence, filtered through the prism of the heart and expressed through artistic contemplation. The artists grapple with a plethora of inquiries, spanning from the exploration of the interface between virtual and tangible realities, and the influence of social media on self-perception, to profound reflections on time as an elemental structure of the universe. From the contemplation of self-identity codes in the distant historical past to the formulation of archaic totems as symbols, and the endeavor to 'reprogram' oneself, these artistic pursuits leave no room for apathy.

Kyiv-born and London-based, Anna Kostritskaya transcends mere visual representation of her personal experiences, delving into the intricate tapestry of human connection and the symbolic relationship between humanity and nature. Infused with mystique and symbolism, her paintings explore the essence of femininity, capturing the duality of life-giving sanctity and a darker, fateful aspect capable of destruction.

Decades of meaningful and formal exploration have guided Oleksiy Ivaniuk towards the discovery of new motifs in painting, accompanied by a shift in the balance between figures and landscapes, and the conception of an alternate dimension where color assumes a sovereign role. In his work, Ivaniuk deliberately concentrates on an exaggerated, almost naive, simplification, eschewing intricate details to strip away everything extraneous. This intentional omission allows geometric elements and vibrant color spots to assert dominance within the artistic space.


Working withing two distinct realms traversing diverse creative paths, and ending with different styles and genres, Natalie Korf Ivaniuk explores the realms of Body and Soul. Exerting their influence forming a harmonious interplay within her expression. Her love for her country is reflected in her commitment to preserving and honoring traditions. The enduring connection to the memories of her roots not only anchors her but also serves as a wellspring of inspiration for her creative process. Thus, a substantial aspect of art revolves around bridging the contemporary with the ancient—authentic symbols and signs that find their expression in her tapestry.

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