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A Solo exhibition by


11-16 MARCH 2024

D Contemporary is pleased to present David Fawcett's second solo exhibition with the gallery, ‘Random Reflections of a Very Tall Notary’. Through this new series of works, Fawcett is drawing inspiration from the reservoir of autobiographical memory as the canvases become a visual chronicle, depicting the artist's evolution from the formative years of childhood to the present. He endeavors to articulate a rich tapestry of family life, drawing from the wellspring of memories that span his journey. Through each brushstroke and carefully chosen title, he aims to construct a narrative that encapsulates the essence of familial bonds, peppered with humor and relatable moments.

The composition and harmonization of colours take precedence, ensuring that each artwork not only tells a story but visually captivates the audience. In essence, David Fawcett's artistic philosophy revolves around marrying humour with skillful composition, resulting in paintings that are both engaging and visually vibrant.

The paintings, acting like daily snapshots, aim to evoke not only recognition but a shared understanding of the unique dynamics and idiosyncrasies that define family experiences. It's a celebration of the universal aspects of family life that resonate across different backgrounds and contexts. Immersing himself in this creative project has proven to be a deeply sentimental voyage, unearthing a trove of fond memories, with a special emphasis on cherished moments. As each painting takes shape, it becomes a testament to one's identity. 

With an artistic pursuit that transcends its visual manifestation, morphing into a visual inquiry into the intersections of memory, identity, and cultural continuity within the familial unit


David Fawcett, a self-taught artist, has honed his unique painting style over the past two decades. Specializing in acrylics, his artistic journey draws extensively from memories of his upbringing in Wales and the adventures of married life while raising three boys. With a professional background as a notary public in London spanning over 20 years. A distinctive aspect of David's approach is his penchant for infusing humour into his artwork. Whether it's a whimsical scene or a light-hearted theme, he endeavours to bring an element of amusement to his paintings. The titles of his pieces play a crucial role, and he delights in crafting them to succinctly capture situations that resonate with viewers.

‘Random Recollections’ Exhibition is kindly supported by: John Selby

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