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Tom Enoch | These boots are made for walking | 2022


19th JULY - 5th AUGUST 2022

Alex Manea, Alexandra Roman, Anja Hessler, Beatrix Haxby, Dee Walker, Dina El-Sioufi, Dionne Hood, Evangelia Dimitrakopoulou, Gino Wong, Hee Jyung Kim, Ije, Jameela Stenheden Gordon-King, Katy Gardner, Laurence Carmichael, Lillian Thomson, Livia Spinolo, Fierce Fine art, Lucia Lanzalaco, Marina Murvanidze Mitchell, Maya May Jex, Melissa Vipritskaya Topal, Namarata Singh, Rebecca Swainston, Scarlett Hope-Gates, Tom Enoch, Tristan Gittens, Tudor Radulescu Fürst, Diana Buzoianu, Ella Zimina.

D Contemporary is delighted to present, PROGRESSION our annual open call show featuring the work of 29 artists across a plethora of mediums including, painting, sculpture, assemblage and installation.
This year’s theme has invited proposals from artists who look ahead and explore the ways in which our pasts have transitioned and unfolded into our present realities. Confronting the perception of sameness in order to acknowledge what we already know, this exhibition unfolds the notion of movement through time, space, and stories. The new is made comfortable by being made familiar evolving from the forms of the past.
Epitomising the optimism this show shines a spotlight on new sensibilities and differentiate each stream of progression exploring a spatial, physical as well as an emotional timeline.
Progression can be inclusive of anything however before asking what kind of progress is possible, we must first consider how has our concept of time altered our notion of development, is the movement and progression we’re experiencing, completely personal or we seek to develop for the greater good?


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