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Sing What We Know Oil on canvas 2024 200x210cm £9840 (200 x 210 mm).jpg




D Contemporary Gallery is thrilled to announce "CASCADES," a group exhibition featuring the work of Ana Monso, Seohyun Oh, and William Farr.

Exploring the transformative and flowing nature of artistic inspiration and creation, the exhibition delves into the transmission of ideas and emotions, creating narratives between gestures that breathe different modes of expression. The newly graduated artists showcase abstract paintings that engage in an intricate blend of swirling colors and shapes, with each element seemingly cascading into the next, creating dynamic and interconnected compositions. These works delve deeper into the layers of meaning embedded within this visual masterpiece.

Through fluid shapes and gradients of color, each brushstroke appears to influence the next, reflecting the interconnectedness of all things, much like how one event or development progresses and evolves. The patterns evoke a sense of continuity and flow, suggesting that nothing exists in isolation. Instead, every component is part of a larger, interwoven fabric of existence. This interconnectedness gives rise to individual brushstrokes and hues that blend into more complex figures and imagery, much like how simple interactions in nature and society can lead to unexpected and intricate outcomes. It is a testament to the power of emergence, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

From another perspective, the figures can be interpreted through their ethical and social dimensions, where the cascade of colors and shapes might symbolize the ripple effects of individual actions within a community. This visual metaphor underscores the moral responsibility individuals bear for their actions, highlighting how each choice contributes to the broader social fabric, either enhancing or disturbing the collective harmony.

William Farr presents his "Parergon," a selection of small paintings on paper that speak to the spontaneous and organic nature of his work. Through a multidisciplinary practice traversing painting and sculpture, he creates complementary worlds where shapes stand above an abstract void. Farr explores the interplay between the work of art as a whole and the individual items it's made of. By playing with scale in this way, Farr delves into the relationship between the overall artwork and its constituent parts. Farr is a recent graduate from the Royal College of Art with notable exhibitions at the Santiago Museum of Contemporary Art in Chile. He had an installation in the tanks at Tate Modern and most recently completed a month-long residency in the main window of Selfridges as part of the State of the Arts project.

Ana Monso's paintings offer a personal synthesis in the search for identity through the fragility of memory, traversing the process of change and creation. Her works reflect memory’s indispensable function of connection-making and its role in the construction of the inner self and intimacy. With a tremendous curiosity to delve into unexplored territories, she reveals shapes that dissolve as soon as she manages to look at them, and she gazes into the abyss from fragility and subtlety, from doubt and humility. Ana Monso studied art and design at Cambridge and then pursued fashion design at the University of the Arts in London, graduating in 2020. In 2021, she presented her first solo exhibition at the Pigment Gallery in Barcelona, which introduced her to the Art Nou fair. Since then, her creations have been exhibited in several contemporary art fairs across Europe. In June 2022, she presented her second solo exhibition, entitled "Ode to Childhood," at the Pigment Gallery in Barcelona. Currently, she is one of the resident artists in the contemporary art program Piramidón in Barcelona, alongside twenty other creators. In June 2024, she graduated with her Master’s degree at the Royal Academy of Art in London.

Seohyun Oh's artistic practice explores making marks based on poetic expressions. She views everything as in motion, even seemingly static objects. Inspired by this belief, she creates her own marks on the canvas, akin to musicians shaping sounds. Her ideas evolve into abstract shapes, leading her on unexpected artistic journeys. Each painting is an adventure, an exploration of configuration and energy. For Seohyun, painting is like cosmic ordering. She manifests her artwork as living creatures, unfolding with gradual bursts of color and shape, composed of different line weights with various tempos. She sees everything in motion, even seemingly static objects. Inspired by quantum physics, she thinks of objects as a constant atomic vibration dissolving imaginary landscapes on a molecular level. Seohyun Oh is a London-based artist from South Korea. She recently graduated from the Royal College of Art with an MA in Painting and completed a BFA in Fine Art at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2023.


12 JULY-3 AUGUST 2024

PV: FRIDAY 12 JULY 2024 | | 6-8 PM

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