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Damaris Athene


11 MAY - 3 JUNE


D Contemporary is pleased to present Adjacent Colours, a group show featuring paintings and sculptures from five artists graduating this year.

By bringing together five post-graduate artists, Adjacent Colours aims to create a constructive interaction of colour and form while shaping a supportive network for emerging artists on their first steps at the London art scene.  In keeping with our mission to promote future talents, Adjacent Colours is a part of our annual exhibition program featuring the work of the UK's most promising emerging artists. With subtle allusions of memories and the seductiveness of colour the artists are presenting their thematics through their own unique style, narrative, and lyricism.

Damaris Athene’s transdisciplinary practice explores the Posthuman and how lived experience mediated through technology offers new ways of viewing the materiality of the body and understanding what the body could be. Her work inhabits liminal space, slipping between the real and unreal, and swimming through the permeable boundaries of the body, the organic and synthetic, the digital and physical, and 2D/3D space. Work transmutes from painting to sculpture, performance, photography, and digital collage, accumulating in self-referential installations. Damaris Athene is currently studying MA Fine Art at City & Guilds of London Art School and completed her BA(Hons) in Painting at Camberwell College of Arts in 2015. Athene was shortlisted for the Hans Brinker Painting Prize in Amsterdam in 2014, the Clyde & Co. Art Award in 2015, the BEEP Painting Prize in 2018, La Vienisima’s feminist photography prize in 2021 and THE TAGLI’s 01.23 Collection and Mentorship Award in 2023.

Frida Wannerberger, (Royal College of Art MA Painting 23) and London-based artist, is renowned for her profound exploration of the intricate relationship between strength and fragility. Her works delve into the notions of femininity and power, exploring girlhood and womanhood by navigating a space that is visually feminine but without adhering to traditional female traits through taking up space traditionally occupied by men. Wannerberger's art reflects these themes, her subject is depicted through layers of visual cues and narrative-like titles.

Laura Holmes is a London based painter, who is currently completing her MA in Painting at the RCA. She graduated from De Montfort University (Leicester) in 2021, and has since had her first solo show, 'Colour of a Bruise', with MAPA Fine Art at Bermondsey Project Space, 2022. She has shown work in multiple group shows in London and Leicester, with her most notable group shows at Leicester Gallery (Not Necessarily Paint, 2021, and The Geometry Of Language, 2021). Her work is held in private collections across Europe, including London, as well as in Nigeria and Hong Kong. Laura Holmes submerge herself in paint, constantly unearthing ways to investigate her relationship with painting. It's an addiction fuelled by the seductiveness of painting, and kept in control by the rules, and rituals that define her practice. 

Sarah Hills is a London-based painter and her current art practice focuses on the concepts of time, place, and memory and mainly takes the form of oil paintings on canvas. While her work is predominantly autobiographical, the themes within it can be regarded as universal. Currently studying on the MA Fine Art course at City & Guilds of London Art School, her works reference the notion that the places we have lived and experienced in the past exist within us and can impact how we perceive the elusive nature and progress of time.  

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